In Spotlights

Kate McGinnis leads business development for energy storage at Chevron Technology Ventures. In this capacity, she evaluates new technologies and applications, develops partnerships, and manages demonstration project development. In her previous role as a Carbon Management Advisor, Kate was responsible for identifying and developing emission reduction projects. She successfully coordinated the issuance and commercialization of Chevron’s first ever carbon credits from a geothermal project in Indonesia. Prior to Chevron, Kate worked in environmental advocacy roles and as a consultant to the US DOE. She has a BS in Environmental Science from George Washington University and an MBA from Cornell.

What do you like best about being part of WEN?

WEN is an amazing network of individuals who share a common interest in improving or preserving the environment we live in. Though we all have that common desire, the diversity of approaches employed by WEN members towards this common cause never fails to amaze and inspire.

Tell us more about yourself.

I  grew up in Pleasantville, a suburb north of New York City. My journey to San Francisco passed first through DC, San Diego, and upstate NY. My earliest environmental memory from childhood is fighting with my father over the merits of recycling. I won, and he still sorts his trash to this day. My career has always centered around the environment, through nonprofit, political, and most recently corporate roles. The tremendous wealth of events, speakers, and creative people in San Francisco keeps me constantly learning. I’ve recently rediscovered twitter – follow me @katemcginnis.

What are some of your other activities?

I love outdoor sports – skiing, rafting, kayaking. I’ve played soccer all of my life, though an injury is keeping me sidelined for now. I’m also a travel nut – a favorite vacation formula is to plan a trip around a major hike, with a little city or beach time on the side.  Even better if I can combine it with business travel! I’m also a local alumni interviewer for my business school.  I’m a big fan of the food scene here in San Francisco – I cook at home from my farm box and I love the local content of our restaurants.

What environmental issues are of most concern to you?

I think that climate change is a problem that we don’t fully understand, and I fear both what the science predicts and what is still unknown. I work in energy because our current infrastructure is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and an area where I truly believe we can change the world within my lifetime.