Janelle Wong

Janelle has been on staff at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for eight years and was recently named Executive Director. Read on to learn more.

Breana Wheeler

"The pandemic has brought what I see as a silver lining–it showed us that when we need to, we can adapt and change." Read how Breana hopes the built environment can change.

Marina Psaros

Marina's mission is to unite science and technology with creativity and empowerment to solve our most pressing environmental issues. Read on to learn how she got here.

Rebecca Liebschutz

Our newest board member, Rebecca is passionate about using social entrepreneurship to ensure that all women and girls have the same opportunities. Read on to learn more about her story.

Vanessa Forbes

Right from her very first job out of college, our new board member, Vanessa Forbes has stayed true to her commitment of preserving our natural world. Read on to learn more about her story.