WEN envisions a diverse community working collaboratively towards a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient planet.


WEN creates and empowers a community of women working to protect the environment.


WEN values a sustainable balance between people, planet and prosperity; a greater engagement of the community at large on environmental issues; and opportunity for all.

The WEN Community

WENSFEnvA group of visionary women incorporated the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) as a 501(c)3 in 1997. Today, the organization continues to be run by an all-volunteer board of directors. For over two decades, WEN has created a community of women in the San Francisco Bay Area to enhance stewardship of the environment. WEN engages more than 2,000 members whose interests range from environmental education and conservation to public policy and renewable energy and whose professions span the nonprofit, public, academic, and private sectors. WEN’s membership is comprised of women from all generations and career stages.

What We Do

WEN empowers women to advance to leadership roles in the environmental field. We provide networking, career building and leadership development opportunities so that women can build the networks and develop the leadership skills essential to their success. While the number of women in the environmental sector is rising, women continue to face unequal pay and barriers to career advancement. Through its curated events and partnerships, WEN aims to bridge leadership gaps and advance women’s interests.