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Betty Gaillard – Director of Operations, Matter of Trust

Betty is the Director of Operations for Matter of Trust (MofT). She has been in this role since 2013. Recently, Betty joined as Board Secretary and works pro bono for the charity. She also runs a property management business. At MofT, she heads several teams: finance, facilities, HR, member services, communications, community relations and events. Integral to the nonprofit, she coordinates projects from strategic planning to student internships. Vital to the openings for the Matter of Trust Eco-Center, Matter of Trust Eco-Industrial Hub, Matter of Trust Model Eco-Home and Urban Edible Garden, she is currently rolling out the MofT Satellites throughout the US and internationally. Prior to this, she worked in office management and biomedical research.  Betty holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Genetics from UC Davis. 

What environmental issues are of most concern to you?

Surplus! There is so much surplus surrounding us – from the food on our plates to the products we use on a daily basis. Having a child made me realize the magnitude of this issue. There are a lot of baby items that you are told “need” as a first time mom, which is simply not true. I’m also very concerned about plastics. Why is everything made of plastic? What do we do with the plastics after we’re done with it? These are some of the questions that drive me towards the work I do.

Discuss any mentors that have helped or inspired you to reach your aspirations.

By far, my biggest mentor has been Lisa Gautier. Not only is she the President and Founder of MofT, she is also an environmental trailblazer. Being able to work side by side with Lisa has given me the opportunity to meet and work with some pretty amazing people from interns and researchers to leaders and specialists of all kinds. Lisa is not the kind of person to turn anyone away – if they have an idea, she is eager to hear it. That is something that has always inspired me and something I try and bring to my own interactions.

What are your suggestions on how WEN members can become more involved in your sector of the environmental movement?

WEN members can get more involved by checking out, where you will find all the programs we are involved in and by following us on social media, to get the latest updates on what we are doing. I would also encourage members to join – an environmental community platform where they can participate by posting wishes and solutions they may have. 

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