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Winning Your Worth: How to Self Advocate for What you Want and Deserve

May 25, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Join the Women’s Environmental Network and career coach Wendy Taylor for an interactive session focused on salary and role negotiation.

Have you ever wished you had the secret recipe for how to ask for what you want — and get it?

Have you ever accepted a job offer without negotiating?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get credit for their accomplishments — while no one notices yours?

Do you want a job where you are valued and respected — but you’re afraid you’ll just end up in another job where everyone else gets promoted?

In our Winning Your Worth Program, you will not only learn the theory behind salary negotiations, you will build an individualized strategy for prioritizing what matters most to you — and getting it. You will learn to master how to win your worth both when negotiating a new job offer and when advocating for promotions, raises, and key projects in your current job — and you will not need to become some kind of horrible monster to be successful.

You will learn how to ask for what you want so that you:

  • Know what you ARE worth (you can’t ask for it if you don’t know)
  • Get over your fear of bragging (and make sure you aren’t the ONLY person you brag about)
  • Get clear about your priorities when negotiating an offer for a new job (it might not be the base salary)
  • Normalize negotiating (RARELY should you accept an offer as is)
  • Develop a win-win strategy (this applies to negotiating new offers and getting recognition at your current job)
  • Know when to walk away (Kenny Rogers was on to something in The Gambler)
  • Remember that worth is personal (the recognition and rewards that will rock your world may not work for someone else)
  • How to turn those 1-1s and performance review sessions into a highlight reel (and get a standing ovation)

Once you learn this process — you’ll never face a salary negotiation with fear again — and you will never sit by watching under performers get all the attention — and all the promotions.


About Wendy

Wendy Taylor has a relentless commitment to helping each client identify their unique gifts and value proposition and find a job where they can express their full potential and be well rewarded for it.

Wendy comes to career coaching with a tremendous breadth and depth of experience as a successful senior executive and management consultant. She was Vice President of Operations at Paymap, the first FinTech startup to offer automated mortgage acceleration services, leading the company’s operations through a dotcom boom, dotcom bust, and the post-911 recession. When Paymap was acquired for $80 MM, she had leadership responsibility for the post-acquisition operational integration, and earned the founders a $20 MM bonus with her leadership of the integration. Wendy has 15 years of management consulting experience leading over 50 engagements worth many millions of dollars for global Fortune 500 companies and fast growth venture-backed startups. She is trained in all things McKinsey.

In addition to her career coaching practice, Wendy serves as an advisory board member, founder coach, and management consultant, working with tech and environmental startups.


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