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A Letter to my black sister

By Anya Deepak, WEN board member

I bought the books
I watched the TED talks
I wrote and wrote in the journals; and
I re-read the blogs

I reposted the protests
I painted BLM on my tee
I took every JEDI training
So from your perspective I could see

I knew in my brain all the
Right things to write and say
I learnt the woke-abulary by rote
Kendi by night; DiAngelo by day

I felt your pain and anger
I spoke for you often
I consumed your music and ebonics
Immersion 101

Black lives rhetoric
At the dinner table
Stories flow like
Dr. Seuss’s fable

But I am no Lorax
And you are no tree
It is just that I need
That you too be free

For your liberation
is bound up with mine
And that, dear sister,
is life’s punchline.


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