Paula Swiatkowski

Paula is a recovering R&D scientist who now applies her skills and energy to help raise awareness and determination around assuring a livable planet for future generations. To that end she has contributed content to the Sierra Club’s national website and assorted e-newsletters, as well as her own blog, Paula on Point. She works at the ClimateWorks Foundation with the strategists who anchor its industrial decarbonization and food & agriculture initiatives.

A New Jersey native, she is now happy to call California home, because it models how to live well and protect Earth.

Other things she’s proud of: having been a professional dancer in New York City, raising awareness and funds for 20 years – and counting – to help eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease, and becoming one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leaders.

What brings her joy is a beach – anywhere! – and kissing friendly gray whales at Laguna San Ignacio in Baja California, Mexico.

She began writing blogs for the WEN website in May 2018, and joined its board of directors in November of that year.