Mckinzie Schulz

McKinzie hails from the Midwest and moved to the Bay Area six years ago. She attended the University of Notre Dame on a full athletic scholarship, graduating with a major in Spanish Literature and a minor in Poverty Studies.

Since then she has found her passion in conservation and sustainable living. Currently she’s applying these values while working at a company called Hipcamp, where she helps enable farmers across the US to open their land to camping, glamping, and RVing in a way that protects and preserves it and also gets more people outside.

She aspires to one day steward her own piece of land and help advocate for more sustainable farming practices. She is also interested in continuing to study the intersection of civil rights and conservation as it relates to farming practices in the US. In order to create more sustainable policies, she realizes the first step is to have a better understanding of how the conservation movement impacts civil rights and our ability to protect those rights.