Anya Deepak

Office of the Director, SF Environment

Anya believes that sustainable living is a means to a fuller life – not an alternative lifestyle. She works in the Office of the Director at the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Anya has over 16 years of experience in women’s issues, research, marketing, outreach, organizational behavior and program development and brings all of these to her new role as President of the Board. Anya believes that women all over the world have always punched far above their weight class and it is about time they were recognized and celebrated for it. Her dream for WEN is to be the first stop along the environmental and leadership journey from where women can be introduced to their future jobs, allies, mentors and champions. Although not an environmentalist by education, she enjoys talking sustainability with anyone that will listen. When she is not pondering the toxicity of everyday items, Anya enjoys reading and singing to her toddler. In addition to being on the board of WEN, she is also a member of the Northern California Recycling Association and Mothers Out Front.