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natureinthecitylogoDiscover Lichens in San Francisco

On October 15, 2016, join WEN’s partner, Nature in the City, for a walk in the Green Hairstreak butterfly habitat conservation corridor in San Francisco. Enjoy something new: lichens! In the corridor, a combination of oceanic upheavals of rocky outcrops and coastal fog combine to make the perfect environment for a large array of lichens.

Join Amber Hasselbring, Director of Nature in the City and Shelly Benson, President of the California Lichen Society on a walk to discover lichens of many varieties: Beard Lichens, Armored Sea-Fog Lichens, Common Greenshields, Dust Lichens, Sunburst Lichens, Farinose Cartilage Lichens, False Turkey-tails, Ciliate Strap-Lichens, Map Lichens, and more!

Walk fee is $20 per person.

Register here.