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by Paige Miller

We’ve all been there. You’ve turned in a resume and cover letter for a position that seems to be the perfect fit, and you receive an email letting you know you have not been asked in for an interview.

Your first instinct might be to move on and forget that the position ever existed. But if the position was a potential dream job, you may want to consider following up with the hiring manager to ask them why you weren’t offered an interview. Thank them for considering you for the position, and ask for some feedback about how you can be more competitive the next time around (always remember to re-attach your resume and cover letter for reference). In the worst case scenario, you will get no response. But there’s also a chance that you get some great feedback, which will increase your chances of getting your dream position next time.

So next time you don’t get offered an interview, don’t give up just yet. Ask for feedback and try again. You might find yourself pulling your interview suit out of your closet sooner than you expected.

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