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Life on Purpose: Align Your Work without Sacrificing Your Soul

November 18, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

A life imbued with purpose looks a lot like good, embodied leadership: Presence + Moving with Aligned Intention. To get there, we need to balance clarity with action.

In this talk, we begin the process of getting clear, so that your day-to-day actions reflect your purpose.

  • Feel more confident
  • Know what is important to you
  • Have a touchpoint
  • Smile more
  • Release your inner spark

The past year and a half has been traumatic for most of the world. It has been difficult to maintain a sense of purpose in our work and not feel overwhelmed. Many have come to realize that our societal emphasis on work rather than connection and relationship is not healthy, hence “the great resignation”. Others have struggled just to survive day-to-day. And still others have found themselves spread thinner than ever before trying to meet all the needs that are presented to them daily.

It’s time to get clear on who you really are, and what you would like to express. This interactive session will help catalyze that effort.

It IS possible to have purposeful work AND enjoy our lives. Let’s work together to make it the new normal. Please join us on: November 18th.

Janet Schieferdecker, MBA is an executive coach who works with leaders of social venture to create both heart and meaning in their life. She teaches leadership development both online and in person–with the help of horses.


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