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Hackathon 2.0: Frameworks for Women Leaders

March 10, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Last September, Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) organized a successful hackathon, with partners and members coming together as women to solve man-made climate problems.

It is now time to dive deep into the solutions that emerged.

There are significant differences in the way women and men think about social and environmental issues, yet these very differences can highlight the path to solving such issues. Traditional solutions that exclude women are often partitioned into neat little compartments, even though the problems themselves are not — which is one reason they do not work.

The most important finding from the last hackathon was that the way women think of issues is on a systemic scale interwoven with the individual scale. Thus the solutions must merge those approaches to be successful overall and beneficial to women. Because as we all know, solutions that benefit women benefit everyone.

To tackle the climate crisis in particular, it requires that we harness solutions that come naturally to women in a conscious and intentional way. Enter Hackathon 2.0: Frameworks for Women Leaders.

We will explore solutions, develop tools, and chart a way forward to utilize them in our daily lives.

We will convene with our partners and women leaders (yes, you) to delve deep into frameworks for mentoring, community engagement, resource access, lifting each other up, and addressing women’s environmental concerns.

Reserve your space today and join us!

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