Celena Ritchey

Celena Ritchey (she/her) is originally from Cleveland, OH and relocated to the San Francisco – Bay Area to work in the Jewish nonprofit field. In 2018 she earned her Bachelor’s of Science [...]

Rachel Ross

Rachel works as an Outreach Specialist at Convey, Inc., a communications firm specializing in marketing and outreach for Bay Area transit and transportation projects. She has primarily worked at [...]

Dena Emmerson

Dena hails from sunny San Diego, though much prefers the complexity of the Bay Area. Her background is in wildlife biology, with an emphasis on conservation and ornithology. She is […]

Sangeeta Sarkar

As an organizer at Save The Bay, Sangeeta (pronouns: they/them) works toward a climate resilient Bay Area through organizational relationship-building and advocacy. Their recent transition into [...]